Grow personally.
Give meaningfully.
Live fully.

Founded by our family. Now, for your family.

Born and raised in the heartland, our founder brings dedication and drive to Legacy Bridge. The founding family traces its hardworking heritage back five generations to the founder of one of Iowa’s leading publicly-traded firms with national and global operations.

Over the years, the founding family partnered with some of the largest wealth management and family trust operations in the nation and discovered that those institutions often focus on their corporate goals rather than client goals. In addition, high client to advisor ratios didn’t allow for exceptional service.

That’s why, after lengthy due diligence, and consulting with office advisors and leading wealth and trust attorneys, the founding family established Legacy Bridge in 2015. Our goal is to achieve the personal attention, control, investment performance and exceptional family office services that high net worth families deserve. It is now the founding family’s desire to open the door of Legacy Bridge to other like-minded families.

“Our team’s expertise and experience allows families to fulfill their purpose of achieving a life well-lived. It allows them the greatest freedom of all—the freedom of time.” – Founder
What we stand for. How we stand with you.

We are more than advisors.

More than money managers.

More than investment consultants.

We are your partner.

Working together to help you build your legacy beyond wealth.

We create pathways to help you achieve your potential for a life well-lived.

Whatever your dream, your passion, your purpose—we help make it happen.

Because we understand your Life Worth is more than investments and assets.

It’s growing personally, sharing passionately and contributing impactfully in the world.

This is your legacy.

We are Legacy Bridge.